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Gstaad Luxury Chalet Rental

Our Gstaad luxury chalets are set amongst the cows (as there are more of them than local residents!). This luxury resort has a higher than usual percentage of celebrity visitors showing the true class and style of the Gstaad luxury chalets. Our properties range in size from 4 to 16+ persons and include everything from secluded chalets with mountain view hot tubs and butlers, perfect for a TV star looking for a home from home to inner town chalets with full access to the spa in the hotel next door.
The super expensive town of Gstaad and its chalets are pure luxury. With £6k bottle of champagne, caviar counters and walk in humidors, it will instantly become apart why celebrities chose this ski resort (and there’s only one way for you to find out).
If you’re struggling to decide which Gstaad chalet is best for you, contact our friendly team here.

Gstaad Luxury Apartment Rental

With a Gstaad luxury apartment, you are guaranteed just as much luxury as an entire chalet. Our apartment and chalet rentals are placed through-out Gstaad and the surrounding villages including: Saanen, Schonried, Saanenmoser, Zweisimmen, Lauenen and Rougemont. All of our properties are classy and stylish, which is what the Swiss like to be remembered for. Our luxury apartments range in size from 2 person to 8+ persons and includes everything from hot tubs and balconies to private underground parking and butlers. Some people prefer a large luxury apartment over a chalet to save traveling up and down the stairs.

Gstaad Catered Chalet

The catering service in Gstaad is exquisite. Our Gstaad catered chalets include waiters and chefs who have worked in Micheline star restaurants serving the finest of 7 course menus. Wine and cocktails with every course or an unlimited supply of beer for your entire stay means you can sit back and relax from when you arrive to the very last moment you leave the property. Some of our luxury chalets in Gtsaad include full access to the private hotel restaurant next door fine a ‘dine-out’ experience every night of the week.

Facilities, Spas and Services

The chalets and apartments in Gstaad are spacious, modern, and with the area having a sparse design, there is room for all the needed facilities. Chalets with hot tubs, chalets with swimming pools, chalets with cinema rooms, if you want it, Gstaad has it (or will get it!). Known for ultimate luxury, Tempston Luxury and our Gstaad owners work towards your desires, meaning if you want to explore the area in a Ferrari, we’ll have one parked out the front ready with the keys in the ignition.

Gstaad Corporate Rental

Again, with our Gstaad luxury chalets, being so large in size and design, they are a great option for a corporate retreat or business getaway. With facilities able to cater to an entire workforce, your team will be indulged in a true Swiss experience with our vacation rentals. The chauffeur will pick your team up and drop you to the slopes for a day of skiing before returning to the chalet to hit the laptops for a luxury style of work.

Our Gstaad Owners

To be a Gstaad luxury chalet owner you must be part of the special collection of elite property owners in this world. Our Gstaad chalets rentals all come direct from the owner, sole management company or private classy hotel.


Gstaad Town

Gstaad town, a luxurious area amongst world famous skiing. Located in the Bernese Oberland region of the Swiss Alps, Gstaad also incorporates ten smaller surrounding villages, giving it a large spacious feel. Like many other Swiss Ski towns, Gstaad also has a car free policy, so getting around the town will be on foot or by electro buggy. Gstaad offers alpine scenery, ultimate luxury chalets, excellent service, designer shopping and fine dining restaurants; it is often compared to St Moritz. Gstaad represents a level of quality and luxury not seen in any other resort in the world which is one of the many reasons the celebrities flock here.

Apres Ski

The beautiful Gstaad has some beautiful places for the apres ski! The locals recommend that you ski hard during the day, but ‘relax harder’ at the end with their motto being ‘come up, slow down’. On the last run back to the town, head into Euterbar or Hornybar (both located on the piste) and grab a pint or two. Back to your luxury chalet to get changed whilst the staff serve food and cocktails. After dining, return to town for a sophisticated dance with live music at the piano bar in the Chesery Hotel. Then on to the GreenGo nightclub, located in the hotel Palace hotel, which will keep you moving until 4 or 5am at the weekend.


Gstaad has more than just five star luxury chalets and great apres ski, with over 100 restaurants for you to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice. The celebrity clientele means that caviar and lobster will be on every an option for every day of the week, served with a glass of champagne. High end Michelin star menus to comfort fondues, Gstaad’s selection will tempt you. We highly recommend a visit to Le Peit Chalet (a classic wooden log cabin with 18 spaces serving the best raclette and fondue) or Chesery (to put the Michelin star service to the test).


Shopping in Gstaad will be designer, elegant and fine. Boutiques, brands, sports, jewelry and Gstaad local retailers can be found throughout the town. The car free highstreet, Hauptstrasse, is like a mini-mall lined with wooden buildings all in between the luxury chalet rentals. This once secluded town now has first class brands and some of our favourite shops include Louis Vuitton, Schuhhaus Romang and Tabakwarengeschäft Cigares.


Gstaad is full of activities for the couple, family or lone traveler. Go tobogganing, snow biking, dog sledding, ice-climbing or ice skating during the winter, or in summer, hiking, cycling, swimming in mountain lakes, paragliding, animal trekking, horse riding and hot air ballooning. With so many options, make sure you still put aside time to ski.
A visit to one of the local luxury hotels is also an excellent benefit, but there’s one in particular that catches the eye. A visit to Huus for something to eat or just a drink will make for a nice afternoon. Try the spa area and pool after lunch or before dinner.

Then there are all of the sister towns in the collection. The other nearby 9 chic luxury chalet villages each offer something unique in alpine character. Our favourite 2 are Saanen and Lauenen. Some of Sannen’s buildings still stand from the 15th century and Lauenen’s beautiful lake and nature reserve make for a fresh walk. Each of the 9 other tows are easy to access with the MOB train system or local buses.
Gtsaad also has tones of events every year, from cycling to cheese to the hot air balloons. Check the list of events here.
Last on the list is the Peak Walk. A daring 100m bridge walk at the top of the Glacier 3000 for those who can hold their nerve.


How To Get There

The centre of Gstaad is car free (however this does differ between the other 9 surrounding towns). With Gstaad’s luxury chalet layout being sparse, it is worth checking whether your vacation home is within the parking regulations or not. If you aren’t within the regulations, many of our luxury chalets offer private parking at the property.
Getting around Gstaad is quick and relaxing with the local transport links. The best route of travel is usually the MOB (Montreux-Oberland Bernois) railway or the regular buses which will take you to Château-d’Oex, Rougemont, Saanen, Gstaad, Schönried, Saanenmöser, Zweisimmen and beyond.
During the winter season, ski buses operate in Gstaad, Saanen and Rougemont which will take you between the railway station and ski lifts. The use of the ski bus is free for anyone, even without a ski pass.

By Car

With the Swiss road network being clear and well maintained driving to Gstaad is a popular option. From the Western/Northern side Switzerland follow the A6 Berne to Spiez motorway and take the Wimmis exit. Follow the main road (Simmental valley) Boltigen to Zweisimmen and then onto Saanen leading to Gstaad.
From the centre of Switzerland take the A8 motorway to Interlaken: Continue along the main road to Spiez, come of at Wimmis and follow as per above.

By Plane

Gtsaad luxury chalet owners and visitors have the options to fly into Saanen, Bern, Geneva and Zurich. Saanen airport is by far the closet (as Saanen is the town situated next to Gstaad) and is an 8 minute drive or 25 minute train ride to central Gstaad. Bern is the next closest airport with a 1.5 hour taxi or 2.5 hour train journey. Geneva and Zurich slightly further away, with a 2.5 hour taxi or 3 hour train ride.

By Train

All trains to Gstaad require a change at Montreux (when coming from the west, Geneva) or a change at Spiez (from all other directions).
From Geneva airport, head to Montreux. From Montreux jump onto the Goldenpass which will take you straight to Gtsaad on the most scenic of routes.
From Zurich airport you will have to travel to Zurich HB. From there, you will be able to get to Gstaad via Spiez and Zweisimmen.
From Bern, again, change at Spiez and Zweisimmen and head towards the luxury town of Gtsaad.

Need help?

If you need any travel trips for getting to celebrity filled town of Gstaad please do not hesitate to contact us! Our friendly team will be able to guide and advise you of the best travel routes whether you are from Iceland or Thailand! Likewise, it may also be worth visiting the Official Gtsaad Tourist Office for updates on travel networks.


Ski Conditions

Gstaad: the celebrity ski area and super luxurious resort. With 200km of skiable piste and a highest point of around 3000 meters, this chic area offers skiing and snowboarding for all abilities. The area has three main zones and several smaller ski zones including Rinderberg, Lengebrand, Saanerslochgrat, Hornberg and Horneggli. Gstaad is a popular area with families looking for that perfect ski vacation. Gtsaad also has a Glacier ski area for those looking to ski during the warmer months. There is also the night skiing, The Rinderberg offers skiers and snowboards to sleep during the day and ski during the evening on floodlit slopes.

Piste Facts

Ski Piste Total: 200 km
Longest Slope: 10 km
Lifts: 47
Highest Point: Les Diablerets (3,000 m)
Snowpark: 2
Blue Runs: 28
Red Runs: 13
Black Runs: 11

The Experts

With dozens of black runs evenly dotted around the ski resort of Gtsaad, the experts will enjoy the variety and various other runs needed to reach the blacks. Closest to Gtsaad is La Videmanette which is one of the local’s favorite runs for steep terrain. The Glacier 3000 also has a good reputation for off piste skiing amongst the experts with 2000 m descents. There is also a great section of steep pistes around the limestone pillar of “le Rubli”. At some point during your trip, make sure you attempt The Tiger Run, the legendary steepest run located on the Wasserngrat.

The Intermediates

Gstaad is an intermediate skiers dream. The 200km long ski area is has a variety of runs from quick scenic hills with a single drag life to larger open spaces with km’s of run. The largest of the ski areas in Gstaad is above the towns (Schönried – Saanenmöser – Zweisimmen – St. Stephan Rinderberg) where you will find 4 interconnecting mountains offering up 105km of intermediate piste perfection.
The sunny Eddli ski area and La Videmanette are a great place to begin your ski vacation when getting back into the swing of things. The Glacier 3000 offers ample intermediate runs.
There is also the option to hop on the train at Gstaad and where you have a different skiable area at every train station. Maybe a different town and ski area for each day of the week?

The Beginners

Overall, Gstaad is an excellent ski resort with some spectacular luxury chalets, great restaurants and warming cafes however, for beginners, Gtsaad isn’t usually a person’s first choice to learn where to ski. That being said, there are some great ski schools in the regional and as long as you are a fast learner, limited amount of green runs and easy pistes won’t become boring due to your advances. The beginner areas by the village at the base of the Wispile. Further green runs are located in the Eggli and Bodme ski areas. Wasserngrat is best for early beginners looking to escape the hustle and bustle.

The boarders

Gstaad moto of ‘come up, slow down’ sits well with the boarders. With 2 terrain parks and many other freestyle attractions around the resort boarders will have a blast. Gstaad has actually been voted as one of the favorite areas amongst the boarders, so it comes as no surprise that each year there are several boarding events and competitions. The terrain park at Glacier 3000 (Les Diablerets) has the advantage of being higher than the usual park. The areas on every snowboarders map are Saanenmoser and Schonried which can be reached without any hassle from Gstaad.

The Non-Skiers

Gtsaad is a popular area for both skiiers and non-skiiers alike. The beautiful chocolate box style town (and its 9 neighbours) ensure tourism booms all year round. Designer shopping, fine dining, luxury chalets and non-skiing actives for both the thriller seeker and the ‘full time relaxer.’ Head over to our Gtsaad town section to read a little more.

Get in the mood before your visit and get a real feel for the scenery by checking the web cams here.



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