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Verbier Luxury Chalet Rental

It can be a difficult decision on where to stay in the luxury resort of Verbier as every other property seems to be a luxury chalet! Our Verbier luxury chalet collection ranges in size from 2 to 20+ persons and includes everything from mighty estates with underground swimming pools and butler service to tastefully designed lodges with easy access to the slopes and private cinema room. Our chalet portfolio is evenly placed throughout the whole of Verbier with properties locate on Rue de Médran, Route des Creux and rue de la Poste.
With such a large selection of luxurious chalet rentals, you’ll certainly want to be coming back year after year to ‘try the one next door’. If you’re struggling to decide which Verbier chalet is best for you, contact our friendly team here.

Verbier Catered Chalet

The two words to describe our catered chalets and apartments in Verbier are: fine dining. With the majority of our property rentals in Verbier being fully catered you may never get round to leaving your vacation home. Our Verbier catering level of services vary from property to property with some properties including standard luxury fine dining to others including exquisite Michelin star dishes. All of our Verbier chalets and apartments also have the options of being non-catered but our usual advice is to let the chef take care of you for your entire stay.

Luxury Chalet Facilities, Spas and Services

Our range of stunning verbier chalets have some of the greatest facilities Switzerland has to offer, including underground swimming pools, balcony hot tubs, whole ground floor wellness areas, gyms, cinema rooms and more! With the catering already covered, breakfast over a scenic view followed by a heart pumping days ski will ensure an amazing holiday. After the skiing, grab a massage whilst the staff prepare cocktails ready to be served in the hot tub.
Lots of our Luxury Ski Chalets Verbier offer ski in ski out options during the winter season with a large selection of rentals actually being located right next to the main Medran Lift station. There are a small selection of ski in ski out properties which require a road widths jump to return to the chalets ski boot room: for those pros!

Verbier Corporate Rental

Verbier is one of the most popular destinations for a corporate getaway in Switzerland. With such a large selection of properties perfect to cater to the entire office, meet a client or talk business, it will be a hard choice of which luxury chalet to choose. Verbier is perfect for that corporate getaway. Some of our favourites include Carve and Eletty, perfect for any event all year round. Please contact our team for a customised quote.

Our Verbier Owners

All of our Luxury Verbier Chalet’s are direct from the owner. Our Verbier owners take great care in the stature of their property and many consider it a fine art. With standards so high, the competition of the best chalet will always be ongoing.

We will be able to provide you true local knowledge and expertise from lively bars to the best local masseuses and spas (if not already located in the chalet!). Our truly bespoke service ensures you will have an amazing holiday in the fancy area of Verbier!


Verbier Town

The town of Verbier oozes with luxury and its world class style is instantly apparent to all of its guests on arrival. Verbier, mainly known for its challenging off piste ski runs and famous 4 valleys catches the sun as it rises and sets being situated on the south side of the mountain. Verbier is easily accessed by its main road, the Route De Verbier, as well as the quicker options, like the Chable-Verbier gondola or helicopter. All of Verbier luxury chalets are easily accessed from the centre of the main town, with most of them being a short walk or easy bus ride away. Verbier town is packed full of ski shops, plenty of luxury comfort food restaurants, apres and cocktail bars and clothing shops. Due to the amount Verbier has to offer, it is recommended to stay for a minimum of 7 days to get the full experience. Once familiar with the town, a weekend break will make for a perfect return stay.

Apres Ski

Verbier and apres ski naturally follow hand in hand. With new clubs and bars almost appearing to open every month it may take you longer than a weeks holiday to decide which is best for you. Verbier offers a great selection of pubs, sports bars, discos and nightclubs. Some of our favorites include Pub Mont Fort (an absolute classic Verbier pub) or Farinet Lounge Bar (for a luxury cocktail and a dance). As the night goes on, the decisions become more difficult as The Farm Club and The Carve Nightclub and just as good as one another. Why not do both?
Keep an eye out for the beat pumping Le Mouton Noir whilst skiing around on the mountain, this is Verbier’s version of La Folie Douce.


The luxury ski resort of Verbier has over 50 excellent restaurants throughout the town. With pub grub, a range of worldly cuisines and fine dining on the cards, you will be spoiled for choice. The best restaurants have a separate cocktail menu for an alcoholic fruity drink with the start, main and dessert. Although a tough choice, our favourite restaurants include Le Grange and Cordee Des Alps (both great for fine dining). After an exquisite meal, the crisp air walk home will be lit by the piste bashers making the next ski day ready for you.
Whilst speeding around the Verbier piste on a set of skis or board you’ll also pass some lovely places to grab a bite to each. Some of our favourites on the slopes include Les Chottes and Chez Dany (both great for a fine dining hearty lunch!).


Verbier has a reputation for the most luxury shopping experience in the Swiss alps with its broad selection of shops from mid-range to very expensive. With the most popular retail being ski wear, you’ll certainly find the best luxury brands or a new set of the best skis to take away and try on the mountain the same day. Luxury fashion, jewelry, watches and estate agents can also be found off the main roundabout on Place Centrale. There is also the odd traditional Swiss style painting and future shop, although it may be a little difficult to get any purchases home.


Your Verbier luxury chalet will probably have more than enough to keep you occupied before and after the mountain, but if you can spare a little time it’s always worth getting out and about to see what the town really has to offer. A tour of the town or one of the neighbouring towns is a good place to start if you’re new to the area. Ask the guide to take you past Sir Richard Branson’s chalet (although you won’t be allowed inside unless you have exclusively booked it, it’s still worth the viewing).
The sports centre which offers rock climbing, ice hockey, curling, tennis, squash and more has enough to keep anyone occupied for a whole day! Or if sports isn’t your fortay, try a wine tour, game of golf or tobogganing & sledging.

Like all great Swiss ski resorts, Verbier has its fair share of world famous events through-out the year including skiing, running, modern music, classic music and hiking. Check out the full itinerary from the official Verbier Tourism website to see if you can get a little more luxury.


How To Get There

Verbier is an easy town to navigate! Once you have reached the resort, most of the luxury chalets are accessed via the main road, Route Des Cruex. Verbier has regular free buses which are never longer than 20 minutes away. With bus stops positioned in all the prominent places, getting to the ski lift station from your luxury chalet or just around the town couldn’t be simpler! The Zermatt snow plows work around the clock to ensure all of the main roads and bus routes are snow free. Verbier’s guest usually get to the town by plane, train and then a short coach ride but there are also many other options which are preferable.

By Car

Like other ski resorts, driving can sometimes be the more stressful option due to toll roads and traffic. However, with that in mind, once in Switzerland, well maintained roads and clear signage will lead you to the wonderful town of Verbier! With your car in resort, you will have the freedom to come and go as you like and even take a day trip to neighbouring towns at your desire. Keep in mind, it is illegal to park on any of the local roads in Verbier so car parks or luxury chalet private garages are a must. If you do leave your car outside, you’re more than likely going to return to find it buried under the snow in the winter season. Although the snow plows are very efficient in the ski resort of Verbier, it’s always worth have a set of snow chains at the ready!

By Plane

Verbier’s guests usually fly into Geneva, Bern or Sion. From Genvea and Bern it will take a further 3 hours by train or just over 2 hours by taxi and from Sion (the closest airport) it will take around 1 hour by train or taxi. There is also the option to fly to Zurich, but this requires a longer drive at 3.5 hours or a longer train journey at 4.5 hours.

By Train

From Geneva get on the train towards Brig and change at Martigny. From Zurich airport head towards Brig and then change at Visp towards Martigny. Once any of the routes gets you to Martigny, take the train to Le Chable (where a 30 minute bus ride or 5 minute gondola ride is then required to get into the town).

Need help?

If you need any travel trips for getting to the wonderful town of Veriber please do not hesitate to contact us! Our friendly team will be able to guide and advise you of the best travel routes whether you are from Canada or Australia! Likewise, it may also be worth visiting the Official Verbier Tourist Office for updates on travel routes.


Ski Conditions

Verbier, the immense 4 Valleys ski area. The 4 valleys is the biggest ski area in Switzerland, with 410km of interlinking skiable piste accessed by 93 ski lifts. The ginormous ski area consists of varied terrain and a vast array of runs. The valleys attract skiers and boarders from around the world due to the consistent snowfall and excellent overall conditions. You’ll be spoilt for choice in the 4 Valleys between Verbier, La Tzoumaz/Savoleyres, Bruson and Mont Fort. Verbier sits at 1250m and the highest point is the Mont Fort summit at 3330m.

Piste Facts

Ski Piste Total: 410km
Longest Slope: 15 km
Lifts: 93
Highest Point: Mont Fort (3,330 m)
Snowpark: 1
Blue Runs: 35
Red Runs: 39
Black Runs: 14

The Experts

Verbier is a great place for those speedy expert skiers. The difficult intermediate pistes along with the expert pistes make about 35% of the runs in the Verbier ski resort making for a great variety. Get to the top of Mont Fort and you will find a single route down: difficult, steep, bumpy and 1300m from top to bottom. The rest of the black runs are located above Thyon as well as Greppon Blanc and will continue to keep the best of skiiers on their toes.
There is also Col de Chassoure with its Chassoure-Tortin “wall,” a route which takes you down a steep, often heavily moguled face. If the tram is running, jump on and get to the peak of the Mont Gelé, at 3023m, there is a good option of ski itineraries ready to put your skills to the test. Although the runs are technically marked as ski itineraries, the Chassoure-Tortin and Mont-Gelé routes see so many skiers, they might as well be marked as black runs.

The Intermediates

With the Verbier 4 Valleys mainly consisting of red runs, intermediate skiers will have a blast! With such a huge number of intermediate runs (some say, even the seasonaires don’t see all of the runs!), it will be difficult to cover them all in just a weeks ski holiday, however you must be willing to travel to get to them. Around 40% of the runs are made for the intermediate skier, a vast array of terrain and conditions will keep you occupied. The area immediately above Verbier is a good place to start, jump on the Médran ski lift and get down the Hattey ski run through the trees.

The Beginners

For the beginners, Les Esserts, within the Verbier village, is a perfect place to start with its 120m magic carpet and snowmaking, completely separate from the main runs.
As you get a little more confident on your ski’s there is a little bit of a jump in piste difficulty, as there is no interim for those who can just about get themselves down. The best beginner runs are on Savoleyres and over the ridgeway towards La Tzoumaz. Family friendly, scenic routes through the trees and warm sun will give you a very pleasant day. Once a little more confident, get a little higher to La Chaux where you will find some lovely blues. The area is an official ‘slow ski zone’ so you won’t have any of the racers intimidating you. There’s another slow zone from the top of Tournelle down to La Tzoumaz.
There are over 8 great ski schools in Verbier offering group lessons and private mountain guides. Maybe a day with an ex-professional freestyle skier will force your confidence levels up?

The boarders

Amongst the boarders, Verbier is said to be the Swiss equivalent to Chamonix. For the boarding beginners then a good place to start would be the same as the beginning skiers (Les Esserts for the brand new beginners and Savoleyres for those who are beginning to turn). Once simple turning and stopping is mastered then get up the Medran lift and take your pick of routes back down.
Verbier is a great place for off piste boarding but we also recommend using a guide. Get up early and get that free powdered line before is it quickly stolen!
The Verbier snowpark is in La Chaux under the Chaux Express lift. Rails, kickers and an airbag are on the cards in this park. 5 lines separate the park with a green, blue, red and black run. The snowpark sits in a sunny bowl shape of the mountain and has a camera system running throughout the park meaning your stunts will be caught on film ready for you to be the next big YouTube star.

The Non-Skiers

The non-skiiers will also have an amazing time in Verbier. All of our Verbier luxury chalet rentals offer enough facilities to keep guests relaxed and occupied for the day and popping out to the town will only make it more luxurious. Verbier offers great shopping, spas, tobogganing, husky sledding, paragliding and multiple different walking tours.

Verbier is pretty snow certain but always worth checking the most recent snow reports and open lifts here. To get you in the mood before your travels we recommend getting a live view of the slopes here.



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