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Terms and Conditions

Tempston Luxury is registered in England and Wales under company number 10355943. Our registered address is Canterbury Innovation Centre, University Road, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7FG, UK. Except where otherwise stated, Tempston Luxury (“we”, “us”, “our”) act only as an agent in respect of all bookings we take and/or make on your behalf. The terms ‘Client’, ‘Customer’, ‘Your’ and ‘You’ refer to the person booking the property. ‘Owner’ refers to the owner or representative of the property. As with all bookings made through Tempston Luxury the contract is solely between the customer and property owner. Each property carries its own further terms and conditions. By using our website you agree to all of our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

1. Booking

1.1 By making a booking with Tempston Luxury, you will be over the age of 21, and agree on behalf of all persons that:– You have read all of the Terms and Conditions and agree/will abide by them.– You agree to Tempston Luxury using your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
1.2 We reserve the right to refuse bookings.
1.3 The provisional booking is made with Tempston Luxury once the customer has confirmed the property and dates.
1.4 The full booking is made once Tempston Luxury has confirmed it with the property owner (usually within 48hours). The customer will then receive full booking confirmation. Prior to booking Tempston Luxury is under no liability.
1.5 Once the booking is made and confirmed, the person who made the booking must check to ensure the booking details are correct. You must contact us immediately to make any amendments and there may be a fee (see Section 3).
1.6 Bookings must not be made exceeding the advertised number of persons, or hold any events in the property (unless there is prior agreement). Property owners may terminate the contract (prior to departure) or force you to leave (during your stay) if this is breached. Property owners will keep any monies paid if breached and no refund or compensation will be given.
1.7 For fraud prevention purposes, if you book a property with Tempston Luxury within 21 days of your arrival date, you will be required to provide the following supporting documents:
1.7.1 Photo ID (Passport or Driver’s licence)
1.7.2 A recent utility bill or bank statement issued to the same address as payment card.
1.7.3 A photograph of the front and back of card used for payment.

2. Deposit / Payment

2.1 A non-refundable deposit of between 20-50% must be paid to secure a booking (however this will be refunded under 1.3 or 1.4 if the property is unavailable). Further costs for gas, electricity, cleaning or booking fees may apply to some properties prior to departure or once you have returned.
2.2 Full payment is due 12 weeks prior to your arrival date at the property (If the booking is made within 12 weeks of the first day of booking, the full amount is due instantly). If the full amount is not paid within these times it will be classed as a non-refundable cancellation.
2.3 Once the full amount is paid it is non-refundable.
2.4 There will be an additional processing fee of 3% should you choose to pay with credit card or PayPal. This amount is non-refundable.

3. Amendments to your booking

3.1 If you have made a booking but wish to make any changes after confirmation (e.g. changing the booking dates or number of persons) we will try our best to accomplish this but are not always able to. We are under no liability in the event that we are unable to make the amendments. There may also be an additional charge for date changes due to higher rate periods.
3.2 If you have made bookings through our concierge service but wish to make changes we may not be able to do this or there may be an extra charge.
3.3 Any requests to amend your booking must be confirmed in writing by the person who made the booking. Any successful amendment requests will then be confirmed by us in writing.
3.4 Any changes to members of the travelling party are usually allowed however this must first be confirmed by Tempston Luxury. Any changes to members of the party that Tempston Luxury are unaware of may be cause to cancel the booking without refund.
3.5 If you leave the property early for any reason, no refund will be given.

4 Cancellations by you

4.1 Any cancellations must initially be made over the phone and then confirmed in writing (including copies of identification, driving licence or passport) and will take effect on the day Tempston Luxury are made aware.
4.2 Once the booking has been confirmed, should you choose to cancel, any monies paid, including your deposit and any balance payments, will be non-refundable. Tempston Luxury advise purchasing fully comprehensive travel insurance to cover any loss as per section 12.

5 Prices

5.1 Tempston Luxury reserve the right to change any property price/rate at any time. Tempston Luxury also reserves the right to amend any errors or recent changes to prices/rates made by the property owner.
5.2 Please note, although we do our best to keep the prices/rates as accurate as possible, there will be times where they have not been updated or are incorrect. Likewise, there may be hidden offers or promotions not viewable on the website.
5.3 Tempston Luxury’s base prices/rates are determined by our local owners and managers. Our final prices/rates may be ‘marked up’ or higher than the owner, managers or competitors.
5.4 Our price match promise can only be completed and initialized before our terms and conditions are completed and the initial booking is made. You will be required to provide proof of the lower prices/rates and Tempston Luxury will then do their best to match or offer a lower price/rate.

6 Cancellation of the booking by the Owner

6.1 In the sad event that Tempston Luxury have to cancel your booking (for reasons out of our control) we will contact you as soon as reasonably practicable.
6.2 In rare circumstances we may not be able to give an answer as to the reason of the cancellation.
6.3 In these circumstances, if a replacement property cannot be found by the customer (and dates agreed with between Tempston Luxury and the owner), a full refund will be given.
6.4 Tempston Luxury cannot be held liable for any further bookings or personalisation’s made through Tempston Luxury’s concierge service. Tempston Luxury advise fully comprehensive travel insurance as per section 12.

7 Tempston Luxury’s responsibilities

7.1 Tempston Luxury act as an agent between their customers and the property owners for the properties they advertise. Contracts are made between the customer and the property owner.
7.2 Tempston Luxury will have no liability to the customer other than the performance of our service.

8 Limitations of Liabilities

8.1 Although Tempson Luxury advertise properties from across the world, Tempston Luxury does not state that travel to these areas is advisable or without risk and will not be liable (or pay any form of compensation) for any crime, any injury, any illness, any loss or damage to personal or non-personal property.
8.2 In no event shall Tempston Luxury be responsible or liable for any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations, or delays, alterations or cancellations, arising out of or caused by, directly or indirectly, forces beyond its control, including, but not limited to, strikes, work stoppages, accidents, acts of war or terrorism, civil or military disturbances, epidemics, weather conditions, earthquakes, nuclear or natural catastrophes or any other acts of God.
8.3 Tempston Luxury remind its customers of all ages to take extra care of their personal safety when in and around the property. Using swimming pools, aqua areas, sports areas, recreational areas etc. are done so entirely at your own risk.
8.4 Tempston Luxury also remind its customers of all ages to take extra care of their personal safety when out of the property. Areas visited including beaches, the sea, lakes, wetlands, mountains, cliffs, local attractions, restaurants, bars etc. are done so entirely at your own risk.

9 Laws

9.1 Tempston Luxury abides by English Law. Tempston Luxury advises all customers to fully understand Criminal and Civil Laws of the country they are visiting. Tempston Luxury will not be liable for any person breaking the law (irrespective of the Country). We are not be able to offer any legal advice.
9.2 Any dispute which arises between a customer and Tempston Luxury will be dealt with solely under the English legal system.

10 Age Restrictions

10.1 Where any orders or requests are made for services with age restrictions, it is the person making the bookings responsibility to ensure that those services are used by the correctly aged persons.

11 Passport and Visa

11.1 Tempston Luxury will not be liable for any loss or damage to passports. All persons must possess valid passports and visas. It is the customers responsibility to acquire the relevant visa for any country. It is the customers responsibility to ensure their passport is valid for their travel dates (both outbound and return dates).

12 Insurance

12.1 Tempston Luxury advise that all persons listed on the booking have their own travel insurance.
12.2 Tempston Luxury advise that all persons obtain fully comprehensive travel insurance (including cancellation cover for flights / bookings / personalisations).
12.3 Tempston Luxury advise that all persons obtain travel insurance that covers their personal property and possessions.

13 The properties

13.1 Although the properties are advertised through Tempston Luxury, Tempston Luxury take no responsibility as to the condition and safety of the property. This lies solely with the property owner.
13.2 Tempston Luxury will not be liable for any crime, any injury, any illness, any loss or damage to personal or non-personal property, any ‘act of god’ (including but not limited to lightning, earthquakes, any other natural disaster, weather conditions, objects falling from above), or death caused whilst at the property.

14 Security Deposits

14.1 Tempston Luxury may require on request of the owner a security deposit to be paid prior to arrival, to cover any damage or loss which occurs during your stay. Alternatively, or in addition, you may be required to leave a valid credit card securely with the onsite management team. This will not be charged unless there is damage or loss to the property.
14.2 You and all members of the party will be held fully liable for any damage or loss that occurs during your stay. Any items that need to be repaired or replaced must be paid for in full.
14.3 You agree to paid any additional amount not covered by your security deposit within 7 days of receiving such information.
14.4 Your security deposit will usually be returned within 7 days of departure, unless there is a dispute resulting from damage or loss to the property, which will be thoroughly investigated and charged for appropriately.
14.5 Any outstanding payment for additional services requested whilst at the property will be taken from the security deposit/charged to your credit card. The onsite management team will make you aware of such fees.
14.6 Tempston Luxury will not be liable or take involvement in any dispute regarding the security deposit and this must be dealt with directly with the property owner.